The 2nd Amendment

I am an avid outdoorsman and spend much of my free time shooting, hunting and fishing.


I am a passionate believer in responsible gun ownership.  Responsible gun ownership starts with having a respect for guns and people.  Storing guns safely and securely is the key factor in getting control over guns getting in the wrong hands, whether that be criminals stealing firearms or teens suffering from a mental health crisis,


Gun safety and awareness should begin at home, but should also be taught in schools.  I fully support parents being held accountable for their children and how they handle or mishandle firearms.


An AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is no different than any other semi-automatic firearm other than the design of that model, as well as the exposure it has received in the media.  A semi-automatic firearm is a self-loading design, but is not a "machine gun" as depicted in some movies.  Each shot requires pulling the trigger, and each subsequent shot requires the user to release the trigger and allow the firearm to reset before pulling the trigger again to release the next round.  Any gun manufactured that does not require the user to load a new round each time they fire the weapon is a semi-automatic firearm.