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Hi I’m Scott Aubart. I work as a Maintenance Manager and I’m a jack of all trades. I love hard work. I grew up farming, owned several businesses, and always like to change what I’m doing. I was married to my first wife in 1983. We had four children three boys and one girl. In 1996 like a lot of couples we divorced. I met my 2nd wife in 1999. We were married in 2000. We have no children together, but I loved her two boys from her previous marriage, loved them as much as I love my own. In 2005 we had a very tragic death take place. I lost my oldest son Scott Jr. in an accident that involved a couple other guys. In 2017 another tragedy. My Daughter who had type 1 diabetes since the age of 10 went into a low and never regained consciousness. She was pronounced brain dead. We had to make a decision to let her go. She died in my arms.

There seems to be no end to my challenges at the same time this was happening I suffered two massive heart attacks, one right after my son died and another in 2019. I don’t believe there is another man out there stronger than me today. Before my kids died, I really didn’t have a interest in politics. It’s never been a dream or a goal. It is a vision and it’s where I’m being lead. I believe my two angels are leading the way. We have two parties in Washington that have no clue how to work together. I am an Independent. I believe I can work with anyone and always find common ground. I’m absolutely not a politician and really don’t have a clue about campaigning or any of the stuff politicians do. We need regular people in Washington. It's time to retire the lifetime politicians that are stuck in their ways. My platform is simple. I will always listen to people on how to vote and always vote with my heart. I can’t be bought, not interested in special interest. I am not interested in fame and fortune. I want to put people above politics and give the country back to the people….

Wisconsin Farmers and this one is huge. Because of cost farms have gotten away from family farming and are now factory farms..


Farmers have a right to earn a living and small farms don’t make enough to support themselves..


With the factory farms we create a much larger problem .


Factory farming is a major contributor to water and air pollution as well as deforestation. ... This can contaminate local water supplies, reach neighboring populations physically and in a sensorial capacity, and emit harmful gasses. Likewise, livestock release methane gas during their digestion process.


In factory farming they also lose the relationship with the cows and because of this the cows under produce.. Hence they have more cows and a Greater amount of pollution ..


I believe more money and incentives should be spent on family farms .

Wisconsin leads the nation in farm bankruptcy…


Wisconsin lost 2,515 dairy farms between 2017 and 2021.


The factory farms should be held accountable for pollution and waterways. I believe sewage treatment is important to protect waterways.. if this is the route they choose to go , just like any factory 


In 2012, CWAC members

from Kewaunee, Door, and Brown

counties asked for our help in

addressing issues related to factory

farms known as concentrated

animal feeding operations referred

to as CAFOs. Their first concern

was for safe drinking water. In

some Kewaunee County towns,

as much as 40% of the wells

tested were found unsafe due to the

presence of bacteria or high levels

of nitrates, or both. 


Odor complaints became more common as liquid manure storage and spreading was replacing dry manure on many different size farms. On factory size farms the odor was amplified because rather than having 500 animals, factory farms could contain 5000 animals. Liquid manure odor is

often referred to as a stench since the smell is more like what is found near some industrial sites and can be harmful to breathe.


People aren’t concerned about this until it affects them. But believe me you’re already being affected 

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