The Issues

My platform centers on the lost concept of Unity.  I have always believed a divided America is a weak America.  Unity will never happen in the far-right or far-left; it only happens when people are willing to move to the center and compromise.

I pledge to always listen to your concerns and find ways to work together.  I will put people over party every time!

The two-party system, or status quo, we currently operate in is no longer working. The intention was for people to disagree, work together, and be willing to compromise.  It's not always smooth and it's not always pretty, but we have proven we can come to a solution together in the past.  The status quo says that bills will only pass with a majority.  That was never the intention of our founders.

As tax payers, we pay our representatives to solve our problems, or at the very least listen to and acknowledge our input.  I will do this for each and every one of you!