Health Care

I believe The United States of America is the best country in the world.  We can, however, learn valuable lessons from other countries.

Iceland.  Sweden.  Germany.  Australia.  New Zealand.  Switzerland.  United Kingdom.  Canada.  Ireland.  Japan.

What do these countries have in common?

Low or no cost education and health care.  Paid vacation time.  Paid sick time.  Low cost child care.  High minimum wage.  The 10 safest countries in the world.

We can do better!

I believe in Health Care for ALL, whether it's Universal Health Care or access to affordable private health insurance.  Medical costs and prescription drug costs are out of control.  Families should never have to choose between medicine or food; between having assets or filing bankruptcy.  Access to health care should be a right, not a privilege.  Americans paid nearly $4.1 trillion on health care in one year.  That is approximately $13,000 per person.  Canada averages about 50% of our spending.

Sweden has a Universal Health Care System.  In 2010, they made private health insurance options available.  The use of private health insurance has been on the rise, due to the low number of hospitals, long wait times to receive care, and Sweden's priority treatment of emergency cases first.  One in 10 people do not rely on Sweden's Universal Health Care system, and instead choose to purchase private health insurance.  While costs vary, the average amounts to $435 annually per person.  Why is it different for Sweden?  Because their government caps medical costs.  We can do this, too.

Sweden is one example.  America is the world's greatest country, but we can do better on Health Care.




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